China Trends 2016

Trends China 2016

You can see it in the news often; rumours about China, their economy and the so-called rise and fall of the economy of the rest of the world in response to the news. Is this just a way to get readers scared, or is there any truth in these predictions? However which way you turn it, China is a major influence on the world economy.

Lots of small markets

The truth is, it simply isn’t that simple. The Chinese economy is not one big thing that responds accordingly; but many small markets grouped together. Your outlook on this depends very much on the market you operate in. Some markets are growing tremendously, while others are ready for the dump. You have to find the right market to start and make your business successful. The right knowledge can help you with this.

5-year plan

The 6% growth percentage China is aiming for in its 5 year plan is still in effect, although maybe a bit less strict. It parallels with the wish for higher living standards throughout China. The ‘green’ aspect is also very important and will be given more attention the coming years. And of course China will do everything in its power to stimulate the job market.

Foreign investments

Thanks to problems with the credit given out by the Chinese government, the Chinese corporate world will turn more towards foreign investors and money. A great opportunity. The hard part in this is finding trustworthy connections and products, but with the right knowledge, this won’t be a problem. The Chinese government is also looking to make it easier for foreign investors to enter the economy by adjusting the rules.

Made in China

Even though rumours are arising that the role of China as producer of the world is decreasing, this is not true. The market is changing and rapidly becoming harder and competitive, but it will only become stronger.


The rise of demand for food and produce opens up a world of possibilities as well; China is looking for investors and places to invest, to supply the demand. Profitable business opportunities should arise in this area. Did you know Confucius Consultancy boasts this market to be one of their specialities?

To conclude, football!

And of course we have the unexpected contender in the competition of fastest growing market; football. Both TV-rights for international and national matches as investments in teams and talent is on the rise.

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