Year Of The Monkey

The year of the monkey

Last week on Monday February the 8th, the Chinese people welcomed the new year of the Monkey. Exactly on the first new moon after Dongzhi the Chinese celebrated the leaving of the year of the Sheep, and the arrival of the Monkey. The exact workings of Chinese astrology will not be discussed here, but it is safe to say the Chinese and their economy are greatly influenced by Astrology. If you believe in this or not, you will come across the Monkey this year, best meet him prepared. Of course lots of these predictions and superstitions are not applicable in Europe, there are also some hard facts that come with this New Year.

Baby boom in China

People born in the year of the Monkey, are said to be smart, cunning and charming. The year of the monkey is preceded by the less interesting year of the sheep. Parents in China will plan the birth of their child, and they will hold of having children in the year of the Sheep, to wait for the more attractive traits of the Monkey. This already is visible in the demands for hospitals and obstetricians. The expected baby boom is on the way. Markets linked to babies and birth will see a peak these coming months and years. But also fertility markets are influenced by this development. The most favourable year to be born is the year of the Dragon, which will be in 2024.

Monkeys, Monkeys everywhere

The monkey print is a favourite this year. T-shirts, key chains and phone covers, everything is adorned with monkeys. This of course is also because this is a prosperous year. And it makes a cute accessory; the year of the rat is less photogenic. Even more so, luxurious European brands use this opportunity to launch capsule collections in red and gold, and monkey prints. If the Chinese markets is waiting for these fashionable items remains a mystery, but you could use this new year of the Monkey to launch special editions and create new products.

Astrology and taking risks

Disclaimer: these statements are based on Chinese Astrology, Confucius Consultancy does not consult you on these matters, but this information might help!

The year of the Monkey is a year for opportunities, anything can happen. Lots of Chinese people use this to take risks. The fact that anything can happen makes everyone really prepared for all the outcomes. The year of the Monkey also stimulates innovative thinking, as this is one of the traits if the Monkey. This could work in your advantage, as Chinese are more open to new ideas and influences from outside.

Holidays in China

As the economy of China slowly starts up again after the holiday period, Chinese people go back to work to start the New Year. Confucius Consultancy is ready, are you ready as well? Do not forget to give your relations in China the famous red envelopes for the New Year. This brings prosperity.