‘Starchitects’ of China

China wants to prepare its architecture for the future

For years and years, China was the playing field for many famous ‘starchitects’ to construct amazingly weird masterpieces of architecture. During the years of development no money was spared to make artistic freedom happen. There is a building shaped like a teapot in Wuzi or what to think of the famous CCTV tower in Beijing that people have nicknamed ‘Big Trousers’. This helped put China on the map as innovative and eager country. But now it is time to think about the future and return to the roots.

Green, ecological and pleasing to the eye

These buildings, built in the heyday of Chinese growth are now labelled as ‘weird’. China will revert to its traditional roots and values. A declaration had been made that buildings from now on can’t be ‘oversized’, ‘xenocentric’ and ‘weird’. Instead they should be green, suitable, economic and pleasing to the eye. Gated communities are also on the list to disappear. It is a development that underlines Chinas direction to being more nationalistic and traditional. A good sign to create a stable and prosperous environment for trade with foreign countries.


Even though these buildings attract a stream of tourists, President Xi seems to realise that money invested in these buildings, should be invested in other projects to stimulate trade and other industries. This way China will profit more from foreign investors en will get a trustworthy image. On the other hand it seems as though the buildings Chinese people find abroad impress less, making it less interesting to leave the country.

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