China is the second biggest market for pharmaceutical products and is growing rapidly. Improving healthcare has become a priority in China over the last decade. The country is dealing a lot with transferable infectious deceases and China is dealing with the consequences of fast ageing population on a short-term basis.

Endless opportunities in China

The Chinese government is stimulating the pharmaceutical industry to be able to enter and compete on the international market with vaccines, medicine and traditional Chinese drugs. With the new GMP-guideline (Good Manufacturing Practice) that became effective from 2011, the Chinese rules and legislation now complies with international standards next to the national hallmarks. This opens up pharmaceutical trading in China for everyone.

Pharmaceuticals & Recourses

Both popular pharmaceutical end products and manufacturing recourses for medicine are being produced by multiple of our partners by international standards and hallmarks. By buying it efficiently or in bulk you can drastically cut your costs and see your margin grow fast.

Medical tools

Next to all this, medical tools still make up the biggest part of the Chinese export like aseptic gauzes. In this branch there are numerous opportunities as there is a big demand of these products in Europe and other parts of the world.


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