China is the leading production country when it comes to natural recourses. This provides for the opportunity to import recourses cheap and efficiently. Next to that China is looking for typical refined European and North American recourses.

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China has many high standard wood processing companies. From wooden boards, beams poles and specially sized made products like garden furniture made from scaffold wood. Every week a large amount of containers with wood materials arrive in the international harbour of Rotterdam.



The iron and steel industry is immense. China is the country with the biggest iron production in the world and therefore the best country to import iron and steel products from. Iron or steel beams, tubes, and massive ramps, basic materials for temporary solutions or long-term cast-iron projects.


Stone & Glass

Free stone, nature or basic construction stone together with multiple basic and intelligent glass products, our partners in China produce the highest quality imaginable. From square 100×100 terrace tiles to small bricks for your everyday driveway. Also for decorative solutions in stone or glass for your interior wishes we have the right partners for you in China.



Are you looking for plastic or products made of synthetic material? From packaging to car parts. All sorts of synthetic material are produced in China on demand and in the highest quality standards. Depending on the order it will be transported in a personal container or grouped together with our other orders to make the transportation as efficient as possible. Also small products like promotional gifts for your clients can be provided instantly with your name on it.