Within the food industry transportation and food safety is important when it comes to import and export of products. That is why only registered companies may export food into China. Next to that are there numerous great Chinese foods ready to be imported.

Local Production
The diversity in the Chinese landscape provides for a rich agri- and horticulture industry. The opportunities in this sector are enormous. Many food-manufacturing companies are making their way to China to set up a production process.

Exporting food
Dutch potatoes and onions, Swiss chocolate, French cheese and patisserie and German bratwursts. Many typical European food is becoming popular in China. Do you want us to do a market research if your product has a shot on the Chinese market?

Alcoholic drinks
European alcoholic drinks are extremely popular in China. The favourites: Belgian and Dutch beer, French wine, Scottish whisky and Russian vodka. For locals as well as expatriates in China, the demand for typical European alcoholic drinks is growing each day.

Non-alcoholic drinks
The growth of the population and the internationalization of the Chinese people are causing a new perception on the day-to-day consumption of beverages. From the necessary European milk and fruit juices to coffee, soft drinks and energy drinks.

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