In and around the house are numerous of European appliances that have become essential in the Chinese household. From coffee machines, kettles, dishwashers to irons, vacuum cleaners and washing machines. The Chinese market is open to your European everyday appliances.

Design, development and production
Confucius can take the whole process out of your hands: from design to final product to transportation to Europe or China. Do you have a concept ready? Then we can ensure for an efficient production and logistic strategy. Our local intermediars will find a reliable factory with high European quality standards.

Expand your product line with low-cost Chinese everyday appliances that make cooking, washing and cleaning easier for your customers. In every desired amount, form and technical specifications we can provide everyday appliances on demand.

Do you want to export your everyday appliances to China? European products are very popular amongst the Chinese people as do expatriates in China ask for their familiar appliances. Ask our consultants for a Quick Scan of your product!