Microchips, USB-sticks, computers or other electronics. The technological development in China is growing enormously fast. Import cheap and high quality electronic products or order loose parts to finalize the product in your production process back in Europe.

Warrantee & Service
For electronic products we always provide a worldwide factory warrantee. This way you guaranteed import a high quality working product. From TVs to basic computer parts, the low-cost products you will see your leeway increase dramatically.

Electronic promotional gifts
A power bank, desktop mouse, alarm clock or solar charger, the options are limitless. And these of course printed with your companies name on it. Now order your business gift on demand.  Term of delivery: 6-12 weeks.

China is also the place for your everyday appliances. Find information further on that on our website!

Exporting electronics to China
Are you looking to export your electronic product to China? Products from Europe are extremely popular amongst the Chinese people next to the expatriates who frequently ask for their familiar products. Our specialized knowledge of European electronics and the Chinese market will help you open up a whole new country with potential customers.